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The Edwards Family

Customers of Kevin Martini – The Edwards Family

The Zachariason Family

Customer of Kevin Martini – The Zachariason Family

The Boudreau / Salvaggio Family

A Kevin Martini Customer – Debby & Dorann

The Roh Family

A Kevin Martini Customer – The Roh Family

The Castle Family

A Kevin Martini Customer … Nicole Castle

The Castle Family

Emily, a customer helped by Kevin Martini

The Thompson Family

Kevin Martini Customer Becky Thompson

The Pleasant Family

Kevin Martini Group Customer – The Pleasant Family

The Bryan Family

The Bryan Family

The Vo Family

The Vo Family

The Begley Family

Begley Family & their new Terramor Home

The Thomas Family

The Thomas Family

The Mahlik Family

The Mahlitz Family

The Huber Family

The Huber Family

The Carver Family

Chris & Kristin about Kevin Martini

The Wolgin Family

The Wolgin Family

The Mozzetti Family

another First Time Home Buyer helped by Kevin Martini & Cynthia Quarantello

The Laskowski Family

Congratulations Alicia

The Krachey Family

The Krachey Family

The Cox Family

First Time Buying A Home

The Sansone Family

The Sansone Family

The Prior Family

Purchase First Home In North Carolina

The Covarrubias Family

The Covarrubias Family on Buying First Home in the U.S.

The Weaver Family

A family helped by Kevin Martini and Joanne Martin

The Richardson Family

Buying a Terramor Home with Kevin Martini

The Garcia Family

The Garcia Family helped by Kevin Martini

The Quinn Family

The Quinn Family

Dick Family

The Dick Family

The Barnes Family

The Barnes Family

The Shands Family

The Shand Family

The Molina Family

Another Kevin Martini Customer – Milton Molina

The Clayton Family

The Clayton Family

The Alvarez Family

Another Happy Kevin Martini Client

The Limbrick Family

The Limbrick Family

The Toro Family

Juan and Ariana Toro on their experience with Kevin Martini

The James Family

Another happy customer

The King Family

The Josh King

photo from Raymond S.This recent transaction is the 2nd I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin , Alex and the whole team. I highly recommend them. The first transaction Kevin and his team went above an beyond to help my son get his first home at 25 years old. That transaction lead my wife and I to call Kevin again when we wanted to purchase a new home. From the initial consult to the closing Kevin and his team use the latest technology to make the entire process more stream lined and convenient. From Secured E-signatures to secure document uploads, Videos and Pod cast. Not only was my loan completed without an issue , it closed on time! Kevin takes his passion for what he loves and has made an outstanding business. He has set the bar , Go talk to Kevin and you will see what I mean.”

– Raymond S.

“Unbelievable Service! Kevin does a great job of laying out all the possible options for your loan, he will go through each option in detail and let you determine what works best for you. He will then be your partner through the entire process, he responds immediately to any requests your real estate agent / attorney have almost immediately. I have purchased 8 houses, 3 with Kevin’s help. I have never found anyone who even compares. GREAT JOB!”

– Chris E.

“Kevin and Alex are the best! They made my first home buying process better than expected. The moment I started to feel discouraged Alex lifted my spirits and immediately gave me a motivational boost. They were so helpful and I truly felt important to them. I appreciate all their time and effort in doing the very best to help me.”

– Iris R.

“My family has used Kevin’s team twice now for new home purchases. In my view no one is more knowledgeable, professional, and dependable than Kevin. He led us every step of the way from preapproval to closing, and we always felt like we had someone in our corner working for us. His team sent us easy-to-understand video links that walk you through loan scenarios and documents relating to your transaction. In the end, my wife and I felt like we not only had a great real estate lending experience but also a better understanding of how this transaction fits into our financial picture. I would recommend Kevin and his team to anyone.”

– Jon S.

“Kevin Martini is very personal and awesome at getting you the best mortgage possible. Kevin guaranteed he could close a mortgage for us in 30 days so we put him to the test. Kevin and his team far surpassed our expectations, and completed everything way ahead of schedule with a week to spare. The Martini team made the mortgage process pain free, easy, and extremely informative to first time home buyers. I would recommend Kevin Martini to anyone search for a home mortgage. You will be in great hands and will get exceptional service.”

– Kirsten D.

Testimonials from Zillow

“I started a VA loan with another lender who “specialized” in those types of loans, on the day of our closing I received an email 5 hours prior that stated they needed more information. It turned out that they had really dropped the ball in underwriting our loan and also hadn’t attempted to renew our Certificate of Eligibility after the sale of our home (which had sold a month before). Multiple calls, emails and texts to the lender went unanswered- we were completely confused by what was happening. I spoke to our builder and they recommended Kevin and his team, I met with him the next day. Kevin is friendly, knowledgeable and a consummate professional. He and his team were courteous and thorough, I knew immediately that my family and I were in good hands. Needless to say, we closed on our new home two weeks later. THAT’S RIGHT- 2 WEEKS!!!
After what we had been through, it seemed like Kevin and his team were angels sent straight from heaven to help us. I can never express my gratitude enough to the Martini Group!”

– brittanyodessa

“I just completed my fourth loan with Kevin Martini. He has completed each transaction with speed and professionalism that is unbeatable. Kevin is passionate about helping his clients understand their options, and he thinks outside the box to solve unique circumstances.”

– dmgecideals

“I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Kevin! I have been through a few home purchases and mortgage professionals and Kevin was above and beyond the best. (I *thought* the others were good until I met Kevin!) What makes Kevin different, from my experience?
(1) Incredibly knowledgeable and consultative based on your individual situation. He worked through several different options with me to show me what my choices are and how that would impact cash flow in other areas of life. It really felt like I was dealing with a financial planner rather than a mortgage professional.
(2) I honestly felt like his only client. He took a personal interest in making sure I understood all of my options and was super responsive to any questions I had.
(3) He’s actually FUN to work with!! He has a great personality and turns the daunting task of mortgage approvals into an enjoyable one!
(4) He did not push me into any options. He presented different scenarios based on my situation and gave recommendations, but I truly felt he was working FOR me and had my best interest in mind every step of the way.
Overall, I feel so lucky that someone recommended Kevin to me and that I had the opportunity to work with him for a seamless mortgage process! I will continue to recommend him!”

– user6484807

“Kevin is awesome, he guided us through the process and helped us understand it. First he explained me the financing process and how to get it, after that all the paper work I needed and why and finally he was there when we closed. He made it really simple for us, we’re very happy with our new home”

– sherelbsb

“Kevin Martini is truly a professional. My husband and I were extremely impressed with Kevin’s knowledge on Mortgage. He worked hard to make sure that the loan would be approved within a short time period. Thanks to him we have a new home now. Thanks for the extra mile you went. We LOVE our new home.”

– cha99

“Kevin Martini was very helpful with my loan application process. He worked hard to make sure that the loan would be approved within the tight time frame that we had prior to closing. He gave me some very sound personal finance advice for free. He was always there to pick up the phone and answer my emails no matter the time of day. It was truly a pleasure working with Kevin and I highly recommend him.”

– mohanish shrestha

“Kevin and his team are amazing. They helped me close on a loan in less than 3 weeks, got me a competitive rate without any hassle. If you need a mortgage loan his team is the only way to go!”

– user8122002

“Kevin was almost always immediately available when I’d call with a question; if he didn’t answer, he called me back right away. Kevin is very knowledgeable and was always able to explain details of my loan without hesitation. His team was also able to accommodate us on our very fast (21 days!) closing. Thanks in large part to Kevin’s team, we’re moving into our dream house next week!”

– julesmak

“I have lived all over the country and overseas and have moved many times. My husband and I were extremely impressed with Kevin’s knowledge not only of Mortgages, but the whole Home purchasing process when we relocated to North Carolina from New York. His sense of Humor AND professionalism made our closing the most fun out of all of them and we LOVE our home. He is a go-to person in our community and I look forward to working with him again. Can we say 6 stars?”

– klipschutz

“I have worked with other mortgage brokers in the past, but Kevin was recommended to me. With Kevin, in our very first conversation, he was very clear and concise on what was needed to buy my next home. Throughout the process, he answered all of many questions. He even attended my closing and made the dreary process of signing documentation fun. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants a knowledgeable no nonsense resource.”

– hloepp

“If there is one lender anywhere that deserves a genuinely steller review – it must be Kevin Martini. This single individual along with the incredible team behind him went above and beyond even what the most optimistic and positive person could ever expect. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Kevin Martini as he truly sets the standard – PERIOD!

Your search for a lender just ended here!”

– user5368143


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